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TAG Entertainment has unveiled a newly-built digital intermediate (DI) color grading suite, providing the production and film community with a powerful resource whose video and audio features far exceed anything else in Michigan. The investment in the suite is a clear statement of the company's support for the film and advertising industries, bringing a Hollywood-style post production experience to Detroit.

TAG Entertainment new DI suite boasts a comfortable atmosphere and the latest digital imaging and audio technology. Key components include a Digital Vision Film Master 2K color grading system, a Spirit 2K film scanner, a DVS SAN, a HD Projector, a 52-inch plasma monitor, a professional-grade

TV Logic grading monitor and a Genelec 5.1 full surround sound system. The room is capable of grading either film-original or digitally-acquired media for delivery in any medium, including theatrical, HD and standard definition video, as well as Internet and mobile formats.